Monday, February 9, 2009


I constantly mean to get my to-do list done. One of the constants on my list are the blogs I have. I've been working on the layout for. ever. I keep thinking I'll get it done so I can then start posting. I am, basically, a goob. So, in an attempt to actually start finishing my to-do list, I am going to go ahead and post. If you start following me, please understand that my theme will never be finished. I will constantly try to make this blog presentable, and I will never think it's finished. 

So, yay, here's a little dish I finally got listed on my etsy shop

Now, to get some other things done. I am on the etsy twitter team and I will be adding all of those awesome blogs. I'm also working on some paintings. And, hopefully, bathing soon! 


Autumn Rose Crafts said...

I love your blog, the colours are wonderfully fresh and calming to the eye! I love your work too. Sarah x

gina said...

Thank you so very much, Sarah!! xoxo